Custom Payloads

If you can dream it, we can design it.  We can create custom payloads that include thermal cameras, zoom cameras, 4K video cameras, search lights, or any combination thereof.  Our specialty is implementing the best solution for your specific needs.  And because of our quick release mounts you can switch out your payloads in seconds.  Whether your field is search and rescue, environmental clean up, inspections, forestry service or mining, we work with you to build the perfect platform.

We have designed and integrated aerial systems for radiation detection, power line inspection, disaster recon, aerial production and environmental clean-up for the private and public sector.  From  concept and design to development and flight testing, you can feel confident that we complete each system with the highest of standards.

custom payloads, zoom camera, thermal camera, camera array

Thermal/Zoom Camera Array

The ultimate camera array for search and rescue as well as detailed structure inspections. With both a 640 x 510 30hz FLIR Radiometric thermal camera and a 1080p HD 18x zoom camera mounted side by side, this sensor package gives you everything you need. Both cameras have synced recording as well as zoom sync (4X on the FLIR, 18X on the HD camera).

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Payload Release System

The FlyCam UAV PRS is the perfect tool.  It is made of billet aluminum and is designed to carry three separate four pound payloads.  You will find an almost unlimited amount of uses for this system. You can drop anything from fire extinguishing materials, medical supplies or deliver lunch to your crew.  It can be fitted with an optional camera so that you can see exactly where to drop your payload.   You can’t do without this tool in your toolbox.

Payload Release System Video
Payload Release System Demo
Payload Release System Demo

50 Watt Search Light

Who couldn’t use an ultra powerful light in the sky?  This 50 watt light is the ultimate in search tools. With this mounted on our 3-axis gimbal you can have a full 360 degree rotation and 90 degree downward tilt.

Radiation and Chemical Detection Sensors

The DroneRad and DroneSensor systems use radiation and chemical detection sensors to locate radiological  and biological threats while transmitting the data in real-time.


Alpha, Beta and Gamma


Chlorine, Methane, Diesel, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Ozone, VOC

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Custom payload, Radiation detection, chemical sensor, nuclear, power plant, plume sniffer