The tuning fork design of the Neo makes it the most capable UAV on the market.  Its all carbon fiber construction make it lightweight and strong.  It’s non-Chinese flight controller make it secure for all military and industrial missions.


Because your missions don’t always happen on perfect days.  The Neo can perform in rain, snow, extreme temperatures and high winds.


With a 19.8 lbs. payload and 8 commercial grade motors, there isn’t much that the Neo can’t handle.



Non-Chinese Flight Controller

Dimensions 110 x 110 x 60 cm

Max Payload 9kg / 19.8 lbs.

Wind Sustainability 35 knots

Max Takeoff  Weight 19 kg / 41.89 lbs.

Max Altitude 9,000 ft.

Neo Spec Sheet

Acecore, Neo, octocopter, multi-rotor, radiation detection, sensor