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FlyCam UAV Performs DroneRad Demo For Urban Shield

By October 25, 2018Blog
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Los Angeles, CA. September 13, 2018 – FlyCam UAV with its partner, US Nuclear Corp recently attended and participated in the Urban Shield event from September 7-10, 2018 in the Bay Area.  Urban Shield is a disaster training exercise involving local, national, and international first responder agencies, including: the national guard, police and fire departments, search & rescue, homeland security, FBI, FEMA, DOE, and many more.  The main goal of Urban Shield is to evaluate the preparedness and the capabilities of first responders in response to high-level threats in high-density areas and finding ways in which to improve.

FlyCam UAV and US Nuclear Corp participated in an emergency service scenario wherein a car containing radioactive material had been blown up.  Radioactive sources were placed in/near the blown-up vehicle to create a live scenario. FlyCam UAV flew their NEO octocopter equipped with US Nuclear Corp’s radiation sensor search tool, the DroneRAD-ST, over the incident area to map the radioactive hotspots before emergency responders moved in to assess the situation.



Urban Shield, First Responders, Aerial Radiation Detection, Hazmat, DroneRad

FlyCam UAV’s NEO, a heavy-lifting, all-weather octocopter mounted with US Nuclear Corp’s Gamma Search Tool sensor is designed to detect radioactive Gamma emitting hotspots on the ground and log and transmit the GPS tagged data back in real-time.  The mission was successfully completed and the DroneRAD-ST mounted on FlyCam UAV’s NEO demonstrated its ability to measure and pinpoint the Gamma sources, and overlay all the data on Google Maps. This provided first responders a real time visual of the radioactive zones and where the concentration was the highest.  It was widely agreed by all the emergency service personnel present that the NEO mounted DroneRAD-ST is an essential tool that every first-responder service should have for emergencies involving radiation exposure.

US Nuclear Corp’s unique DroneRAD-ST was the only radiation and chemical detecting UAV mounted radiation sensor present at Urban Shield. As emergency services continue to improve, there will be a greater emphasis on acquiring the special tools needed to effectively address certain emergencies, especially in high-density areas.  This includes the DroneRAD-ST detector system mounted on FlyCam UAV’s drone platforms for quick surveying and mapping radiation related emergencies thus mitigating first responder and public exposure to potentially harmful radiation.


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