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FlyCam UAV Gets Invited to 2017 Presidential Inauguration

By January 12, 2017Blog
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Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit 2017 Invitational

FlyCam UAV has been invited to participate in the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit 2017 as a member of the Inaugural Career Fair.  The Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit is designed to provide our next generation of leaders, 6th grade through college attendees, with vital information for building a better and brighter future.

Joining FlyCAM UAV will be US Nuclear Corp.  In 2016 FlyCam UAV, a UAV (drone) manufacturer, partnered with US Nuclear Corp, a global leader in radiation and chemical detection.  The two companies have married their two technologies with the NEO an all-weather UAV octocopter capable of carrying a number of radiation and chemical detection sensors.  With the advent of merging FlyCam UAV’s NEO and US Nuclear Corp sensor technology aerial radiation and chemical detection is now a reality.  Having these UAV mounted sensors quickly and efficiently surveying large areas for contamination eliminates risk to human life.

Using a UAV equipped with radiation and chemical sensors provides a proactive tool not previously available.  Prior to this new technology personnel had to be equipped with some type of personal protective clothing or haz mat suits and hand held Geiger counters and walk or drive into hazardous situations.  With the advent of this unique merged technology, UAVs equipped with radiation and chemical sensors, personnel can now safely pilot a UAV into a contaminated area and quickly get real time data downloaded to a laptop.  That data is displayed as a full Gamma spectrum which provides radioactive isotope identification with GPS mapping.

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