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DroneRad Sensors Are An Invaluable Tool

By March 7, 2017January 2nd, 2018Blog
Drone robotics paired with high tech sensors is in great demand. Only US Nuclear Corp has developed a reliable solution. The ultimate tool for industries dealing in radiation and harmful chemicals. This instrument has been dubbed the “Pollution Buster”.
There is no question that Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are changing the nature of industry as we know it. Entrepreneurs left and right are working hard to bring innovative drone products to market. Some promising pizzas delivered via drones while other more ambitious entrepreneurs are pushing the envelope with military applications that would frighten the likes of George Orwell himself.Lost in the innovation is the development of products that save lives and limit hazardous exposure to employees and the public. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our strategic partnership with FlyCam UAV brings together the latest in both UAV and sensor technology. Given the tremendous amount of expertise US Nuclear Corp and FlyCam UAV have, our new and innovative DroneRAD UAS places us at the forefront of this newly established industry.
Radiation and chemical detection is a key aspect of maintaining appropriate levels of radiation at any operating nuclear facility. Additionally, police, fire, oil, gas and environmental emergency response companies can benefit from this technology. Even surveyors of mines and fracking sites, testing for radionuclides, will see this as an invaluable tool to add to their toolbox.
Companies left and right are finding tremendous value in our DroneSENSOR Series of unmanned aerial radiation and chemical detection systems.
US Nuclear works hard to detect and alert users of harmful radioactive and chemical exposure to employees while simultaneously getting the job done in a fraction of the time hand held detectors can operate. Dubbed the “Pollution Buster” our unmanned DroneSENSOR Series is an invaluable piece of equipment for any industry looking to fortify their product offerings and keep employees out of harm’s way.

Our custom DroneRAD software gives companies an opportunity to deploy their UAV at the facility in question, capturing data for analysis all while it surveys the predetermined flight path. Gamma walk overs no longer require hazmat suits and Geiger counters, making required inspections safer, easier, and faster.

FlyCam UAV’s Cypher 6 Hex Copter flying US Nuclear Corp’s plume detection instrument all while relaying results in real time to our base station and mapping software.
FlyCam UAV’s carbon fiber all-weather NEO Octocopter surveying and mapping nuclear facilities that were previously  surveyed with hand held instrumentation.

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