UAVs for Your Landscaping Business

By April 20, 2016Buy Drones

In any business, getting a leg up on the competition requires you to have a service or product that outdoes the rest. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you can prove it’s worth the time and money, and it’s high-quality, your customer base will grow. Take, for example, landscaping and lawn care businesses; there are countless companies in and around LA that offer these services, but if you own one, how do you effectively promote your high-quality services? That’s where FlyCam UAV can help. When you buy a drone from us, you can film outstanding marketing videos and show potential customers the work you do via aerial photography and videography.

High-End Video for High-End Customers

There is a plethora of high-end homes in Los Angeles County, and if you’re trying to grow your client base and land some of those customers, then high-end video that showcases your lawn care, landscape design, and other services can greatly improve your profile and visibility. Potential clients will see the possibilities for their own lawn and landscaping, and perhaps even take some ideas from your photos and videos and incorporate them into their own yard. Who knows? With the perfect video, you might land an A-list actor or actress that’s searching for a new lawn care company.

Picking the Right Drones

Every drone is different, and our staff can help you choose the ideal option for your business. We understand that each budget is different, and that you may not know anything about UAVs or quadcopters. We can educate you on the main components and accessories of each model, and recommend the best choice based on your needs. After you visit our showroom in Chatsworth, it won’t be long before you’re shooting your first landscaping video!

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