UAVs Can Show Your Construction Progress

By February 17, 2016Buy Drones

If you’re the foreman on a construction site, it’s your job to make sure everything is proceeding as planned, and that progress isn’t halted by delays caused by insufficient materials, absent workers, or inclement weather. While some of those things are out of your control, you’re still responsible for reporting to investors and property owners on the state of the construction site, and whether or not you’re on pace to finish the building on time. One way you can show progress is by taking periodic photo and video with a drone from FlyCam UAV.

With a drone or quadcopter, you can take photo and video from a bird’s eye view and show, over time, where the most progress is being made. This can be especially beneficial for non-profits, such as churches and charities, that are building new facilities that are being paid for by the congregation or outside donors. Periodic visual updates make it easy to show that things are on schedule, and with time-lapse technology, you can show an entire day of construction in just a few minutes. Instead of the traditional charts and written updates, donors and contributors can see actual progress and gain a better understanding of what the building looks like as it’s coming together.

RC quadcopters and drones with cameras have helped transform construction sites from closed off, noisy areas to interactive, inviting spaces. You can post photos and videos online, and let people navigate through the construction site without actually being there. This provides a completely new angle for investors, and can help keep them interested in the project. When you’re ready to buy drones for your job site, visit FlyCam UAV in Chatsworth today!

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