Be Careful With Drones in National Parks

By February 24, 2016Buy Drones

If you live in Chatsworth, you might enjoy spending your weekends in Los Padres, or you might make the drive to Yosemite for hiking, climbing, and other outdoor adventures. As UAVs and drones have become more popular among outdoor enthusiasts, it’s likely that you may have seen one or two in these popular California national parks. However, it’s important to know before you buy drones and take them to a national park or forest what the regulations are concerning UAVs in those areas.

There have been temporary bans on UAVs at parks across America, and by calling ahead and speaking with a park ranger or official, you’ll avoid any penalties or fines that can come as a result of flying without asking. At FlyCam UAV, we’re always staying on top of regulation changes and bans, and our team can help you understand where you can and cannot fly your quadcopter. We know that you could get breathtaking video of a number of spots in a national park, but it might not be worth it if you end up with a fine of a few hundred dollars, not to mention that you may be disturbing wildlife and other people in the area.

If you’re looking to buy drones for your next outdoor adventure, visit us in Chatsworth today. We can show you the latest products and technology, and explain the current FAA regulations and other rules surrounding UAVs. We want you to enjoy flying your drone or quadcopter, and avoid any trouble that can come from using it in a restricted area. Contact us today for more info!

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