3 Deadly Sins To Avoid With Your New Drone

By January 10, 2016January 20th, 2016Buy Drones

In today’s world, there’s etiquette for everything – from golf, to selfies, and now for drones. With a system of unwritten rules, drones’ usage is governed among responsible adults who don’t want to confuse or disturb others with our new hobby. Until some of that gray, legal area is clear, it’s best that as you’re looking to buy drones or pilot your first one, you’re aware of some of the “deadly sins” to avoid when out in the friendly skies.

  • Throttle abuse: This is one the of most common and easiest mistakes someone can make when they get their first drone. We get it, you want to see how high it will go by aggressively smashing the throttle. In most cases, the only outcome from this will be a lost or destroyed drone. Give yourself at least a month or two to practice flying your drone outside at lower altitudes or if possible, inside in a controlled environment.
  • Don’t fly your drone in the neighborhood. Your neighborhood is likely full of two things that drones need to avoid in order to stay functional: trees and roofs. Do you really want to bang on your neighbor’s door to ask him to help you get your drone down off his roof? Instead, practice and fly in areas that are free from trees, houses, and other structures.
  • Be aware of airfields! The FAA has stepped its game up when it comes to accommodating civilian drone usage, but they will under no circumstances be okay with you flying your drone near an active airport.

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