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3D Mapping and Geotagging with the Acecore Zoe and Neo

By March 25, 2020Blog
3D Mapping, Geotagging, Geotag, Non-Chinese, No China, Acecore Technologies

Acecore Technologies has developed a solution to automatically trigger and geotag images with RTK precision straight out of the camera.

With this solution, users can easily create 3D point clouds, orthomosaic or other carthographic output forms. Using the supplied ground station computer, the flight plan and camera trigger points are calculated automatically by Ardupilot software.

After completing the autonomous mission, Zoe or Neo will return to its exact launch position. Take out theĀ SD card and upload the images straight to photogrammetry software such as Airobot, Agisoft or Pix4D to create a variety of cartographic outputs.

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