Aerial Radiation Detection

The benefits of aerial radiation detection are endless.  You are able to survey  large areas quickly saving man hours; protection of the operator using remote detection of smuggled source; remote surveillance of buildings and vehicles; testing airborne plume emissions from stacks or other sources; mapping background radiation of large areas; monitoring facility perimeters which promotes maintaining regulatory compliance; avoiding exposure during a questionable event.




The Zoe is our all weather quadcopter with a 14 lb. payload and up to 40 minute flight time.  The Zoe can fly a variety of nuclear and chemical detection sensors AND provide real time data acquisition. The Zoe provides a safer, less expensive and faster method of inspections. Why risk life and limb and spend a great deal of time to inspect dangerous sites in-person? We can inspect a variety of hard-to-reach and dangerous-to-reach sites in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost and without risking harm to you or your personnel. We provide detailed aerial inspections for a variety of different sites, including:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Smoke Stacks
  • Bridges
  • Wind Turbines
  • Roofs
  • Solar Panel
  • Gas and Oil Pipelines

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The NEO is our all weather commercial co-axial X8 octocopter.  It has a 19 lb. payload and can fly up to 30 minutes.  Because of its design the NEO is able to fly in rain and wind gusts up to 35 knots.  With its lightweight all carbon frame it can fly almost any mission. All of the electronics are integrated inside the carbon frame and are sufficiently cooled allowing for operations in all kinds of weather.

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Neo with Custom 5 Sensor Array

Neo With Custom 5 Sensor Array


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The DroneRad is an aerial radiation and chemical detection sensor system mounted on our UAVs for radiation and chemical detection, surveillance, and locating.  Technical Associates, a division of US Nuclear Corp, provides the sensors for both airborne radiation and for the search and location of radioactive materials: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron.  Gas filter sample collection for chlorine, biological particulates, and aerosols such as anthrax and nerve gas is also available via the DroneRAD. The DroneRAD system has a widely diverse application and includes conducting Gamma and/or Neutron radiation surveys of the ground, buildings, and vehicles, uranium surveys of landfills and K-40; background radiation surveys for construction and development and airborne hazards.

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Real Time Data Acquisition

The DroneRad’s on-board sensors acquire radiation data while in flight. This data can be tagged with GPS coordinates and stored on-board for post-flight download and viewing. The DroneRad can also transmit its data to a base station for immediate viewing. The data is a series of measurements of radioactive intensity tagged with GPS data for color coded display on a map. The data can be displayed as a full gamma spectrum, which allows you to identify radioactive isotopes that are present.


  • Basic flight training
  • Safety protocols
  • Sensor set-up
  • Waypoint configuration
  • Camera outfitting and maintenance

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